Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bookish Birthday Gifts and Bon Voyage

I'm heading out today for a two week vacation with my family - we get to see Paris and Barcelona for the first time, and then taking a cruise ship down the coast of Italy. I'm super excited to show my kiddos the coliseum and other historic goodies, and am hoping it'll be a good opportunity to dive into Les Miserables. 

In other news, it's my birthday! My friend made me the best bookish mug...I just had to share. Inspired by Austen's Persuasion, this will be sure to bring smiles to my morning. Find her on Esty ( and she'll make you a custom mug of your own!

Happy summer to all, I'll see you in a few. :)


  1. hope your birthday is marvelous and your upcoming trip even mores. Hope you share some photos and stories on your blog once you return!

    so...i'm not sure if it's smart to confess this but i don't get the "hayters" on your mug.

    1. our trip was grand...I hope your recent vacation was as well!

      The Hayters are a family in Persuasion that are socially beneath the Eliots (main characters) so it is just a play on words. I thought "Don't be a Hayter" would be a funny one. My friend Brooke (who made the mug) knew the sayings were too obscure to sell in her Etsy shop but she humored me and made one just for me. Now I can wake up to smiles, even if nobody else understands why. :)

    2. Ahh, gotcha. I confess, I've never read Persuasion, so the allusion escaped me, but I LOVE it.

      And yes, please share your travels soon!

  2. You need to tell us all about your trip! How exciting!


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