Willa Cather

I have loved everything of Willa Cather's that I've read.  I've loved it all so much that I've decided to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) and experience her chronologically.  It has been a very good experience so far, although her pioneer trilogy (O Pioneers!, The Song of the Lark, and My Antonia) are rereads.  I'm eager to experience some of her later novels.

The Works of Willa Cather in Chronological Order:
  • April Twilights (1903 poetry) (see my review)
  • The Troll Garden (1905, short stories) (see my review)
  • Alexander’s Bridge (1912, novel) (see my review)
  • O Pioneers! (1913, novel) (see my review)
  • The Song of the Lark (1915, novel) (see my review)
  • My Antonia (1918, novel) (see my review)
  • Youth and the Bright Medusa (1920, short stories) (see my review)
  • One of Ours (1922, novel—Pulitzer Prize Winner) (see my review)
  • A Lost Lady (1923, novel) (see my review)
  • The Professor’s House (1925, novel) (see my review)
  • My Mortal Enemy (1926, novel) (see my review)
  • Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927, novel) (see my review)
  • Shadows on the Rock (1931, novel)
  • Obscure Destinies (1932, three stories)
  • Lucy Gayheart (1935, novel)
  • Not Under Forty (1936, essays)
  • Sapphira and the Slave Girl (1940, novel)
  • The Old Beauty (1948, three stories)
  • Willa Cather: On Writing (1949 essays)
  • Five Stories (1956, stories)