Tuesday, July 7, 2009

For the Record: June 2009:

I didn't read as many books in June as I'd planned, and most of them are smaller books. The reason being, that although I went on vacation and had plenty of time to read, I started reading War and Peace instead of some of my smaller books. This is what I finished:

The Hope Within, Tracie Peterson. This was the 4th (and last) book in a series. This last book meant more to me than the other 3, in that I could identify with some of the struggles. I am glad that I read the series, and felt that it had more substance than many other Christian historical fiction books do. It was, however, a bit more troubling than other Christian books. There are many hard things that happen to the characters...be forewarned!

Loving Frank: A NovelLoving Frank, Nancy Horan. This novel is about Frank Lloyd Wright, and a love affair that absorbed years of his life. I was irritated through most of the book, because I don't understand how any mother could leave her young children. Though the subject irritated me, I felt that it was written well, and wasn't overly sympathetic. If you enjoy a good surprise ending, then this book may be just up your alley--I definitely didn't see it coming.

The Cricket in Times Square, George Seldon. This was the last book that we read aloud for school, and it ended up being one of the favorites. It's a neat story about a cricket who makes wonderful music, and the search for the perfect balance between friends and family, and home.

The BFG, Roald Dahl. Oh my goodness, what a fun book! How is it that I'd never read this book before? I got to read it aloud to my girls, and we loved it.

A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New WorldA Voyage Long and Strange, Tony Horwitz. This book relates American history before the arrival of the Pilgrims. I enjoy American history, so this book was fun to read--although it did stall out in the middle. I liked how he mixed history with his personal travels and discoveries; it made the history portions come alive.

Tirzah, Lucille Travis. I pre-read this book for next year's studies and was very pleased. It relates, in novel form, the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. I liked how it portrayed the character of God, and showed the story from a point of view we don't typically see. I'll probably be reading this aloud in the fall.

Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen: A NovelBeauty in the FieldsAnne Tyra Adams and A Place in the Sun by Jill Rubalcaba. These two books get to share a spot because they were both very short books. These I also pre-read for next year's studies, and I don't know if I'll be using either of them. In both of the books I had a hard time connecting to the main characters, and never really discovered any purpose or point to the books.

Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen, Susan Gregg Gilmore. This was the book chosen for my book club this month. It was fun to read, and very heartwarming. It was sort of a coming-of-age book set in the south. I loved the characters and the writing style; made you feel like you were there, like you knew the people. Fun summer read!