Thursday, February 24, 2011

Villette Read-Along: Chapters 12-17

I seem to have spent all of my normal-review-writing-skills on a particularly taxing one last night, so all that Villette gets this time around is some bits that you get to piece together.  (my apologies!)

One thing I know,
These chapters didn't inspire me
to be insightful or delightful.
They weren't horrid, just a bit of a bore.
Closer to vapid than lively,
to mundane than intrigue.

Although, there was this one part
With some insight into stage fright just might--change my life:
"That first speech was the difficulty; 
it revealed to me this fact, 
that it was not the crowd I feared, 
so much as my own voice."

The humor wasn't absent, nor was the writing poor.
I still have hopes, I'm not done yet.
I'm glad the Brettons have resurfaced,
even if Lucy is still vague--rather unreliable, they say--
and hope this means we soon will meet
the [comparatively] grown up Polly.

Villette still remains more engaging, more fun,
than some other classics I happen to be reading
And if I don't identify with Lucy so much,
at least I'm appreciating her depth as a character.
One of my favorite quotes thus far:
"Medicine can give nobody good spirits."
Happy pill, anyone?


  1. This sort of review works great! I'm half way to picking the book up myself.

  2. Please don't apologize-- the review was inspiring (even if the chapters weren't) :)

  3. I LOVE THIS Melody! A review in the style of a modern poet. Love it.

  4. That poetry reading is soaking into your bones, girl! Good job. :) Next week = shorter chapters to help us get back in the game. :)

  5. I don't know what came over me...guess I've been neglecting the need for a creative outlet. :)

    I'm just glad you all didn't run away screaming with your hands over your ears (eyes?). ;) Maybe there's something to this poetry thing after all?


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