Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer Slimdown Recap

I suppose I must admit that summer is over, making it time for me to reckon the effect of my Summer Slimdown attempt.  The Slimdown was slated for June 29th-September 6th.  In that time I read 20 books.

20 books read:
-5 Advanced Review Copies (new to my bookshelf but not purchased)
     -Resurrection in May
     -Anne Bradstreet
-4 Book Club books (new to my bookshelf but with good reason)
     -The Glass Castle
     -The Samurai's Garden
     -The 19th Wife
     -Little Bee
-2 New books without any excuse whatsoever
     -I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
     -Princess of the Midnight Ball
-9 books straight off my shelves
     -Ella Enchanted
     -The Master and Margarita
     -Black Horses for the King
     -Olive's Ocean
     -Ramona Forever
     -Mere Christianity
     -The Good Earth
     -Flame Over Tara
     -Whitethorn Woods

There were 4 additional books I purchased (not counting books for my kiddos, for their school, or non-fiction reference type things that don't go on my TBR list) of which I am currently reading 2, (Our Mutual Friend and Angela's Ashes) and 2 are on my TBR shelf (The Forgotten Garden and One of Ours).

That boils down to my shelf being 7 books lighter.  Unless you count the fact that my book buying ban forced me to utilize my Amazon Wishlist, which is now 21 books heavier.  In that case, my books is effectively 28 books lighter, since previously I would have most likely just purchased those books.

The verdict is in, my slimdown was successful...mostly due to the fact that I think it will have lasting benefits.  I've learned how to click the "Add to Wishlist" button instead of the "Buy It Now" or "Add to Cart" buttons.  Thank Goodness.  And thank-you to Carina at Reading Through Life for giving me the inspiration in the first place!

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