Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Slimdown

I've discovered why I'm not getting anywhere on my 2010 Challenge of Reading My Shelves.  It's simple, really. I buy so many books that I can't possibly keep up.  For each book I take off my shelf I put another 5 or so on it.  They aren't bad books, (books not worth buying because I don't really want to read them,) they all looked interesting enough for me to spend the money on them, and they still make my heart go pitter-patter when I look at them sitting patiently on my shelves.  I just need to practice writing the title down and putting it on my TBR list instead of buying the title and putting it on my shelf.

So my New Year's Resolution wasn't enough (when is it ever?) and I have decided to find a Summer Solution to the problem.  When I saw that Carina at Reading Through Life was in the same boat and had decided to start a Summer Slimdown Challenge, I jumped on board.  I am going to attempt to severely limit the number of new books I bring into the house this summer and lighten up my shelves.  I typically pick up a book depending on my mood, so I down want to kill all my joy by restraining myself to a list, but here are a few that I'm aiming for, in addition to the junior fiction I need to pre-read for my kids before school starts:

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