Monday, December 8, 2008

All Set to Read for 2009

I've figured it out! My book list for 2009 is nearly complete (although most certainly NOT safe from revision). I have decided to organize it in categories. For the sake of saving myself from unneeded debate, I've decided to follow the model of the 999 challenge. (Last year it was the 888 challenge, maybe next year it will be the 000 challenge? Followed by the 111 challenge?) Basically you create 9 categories, and fill them with 9 books of your choice to read in 2009.

My category choices revolve around my desire to check some books off of The Big Read list I previously posted about. In addition, I'd like to complete Sonlight Core 530--which I received as a birthday gift in June. You will find these books in many of my categories.

1. Books from The Big Read--self explanatory.

2. Books from My Favorite Authors--everyone needs a little comfort food. These are books that I haven't read before (except for A Little Princess) by authors I greatly enjoy.

3. Already on My Bookshelf--ah, the books that don't fit into any other categories. And they ARE already on my bookshelf. These books are just a mix of everything.

4. Need to Pre-read for School--this goes hand-in-hand with homeschooling for me. Since I'm going to be reading the books anyhow, they may as well have their own category. Currently listed are books from Sonlight Core 6, which is what my 12 year old son will most likely be using next year.

5. Non-Fiction--some are books that I already own, some are books that I've been wanting.

6. Classics for Young and Old--Books from Core 530, books from The Big Read, books I need to pre-read for my kiddos...they all come together nicely here.

7. Books from Songlight Core 530--those that don't fit into the other categories are finished off here.

8. To Keep Me Well-Rounded--books from genres that I do not typically read. There are a lot of Core 530 books here...all but 1 actually (I think). And yes, I think SEA-FARING STORIES are in a class of their own.

9. Books that My Kids Want Me to Read--this category will fill up as the year goes on, never fear. Right now there are 2 books in there, but I found out this year that this category will create itself if I don't create it first.

I'm excited! It's a good thing the new year is close, or else I'd never be able to wait. Happy reading!

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