Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dragon's Keep

Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey is a juvenile/young adult fiction book that my 12 year old son picked up at the library. He is a fan of fantasy fiction, and I'm not. I decided to read this book, however, so that I'd be aware of what my son was reading.

The story follows the fate of a princess in the Middle Ages who has a dragon's claw in place of one of her fingers. It is a mystery adventure involving a prophecy from Merlin, dragons, and magic.

The book remains adventurous from the beginning to the end, although the writing was choppy at times--making it occasionally difficult for me to follow. As far as content, be warned that there is a character who is occasionally talked about because she is a bastard. This isn't explained overly much in the book, but talked about enough to spur conversation with my son. Part of the storyline involves a love interest that thankfully isn't discussed in too much detail. The dragons and magic involved seemed to be par for the course for a fantasy genre book--not my personal taste, but not inordinately focused on.

My son really liked this book, I was fairly ambivalent: the storyline was interesting, but the writing unimpressive and frustrating. I was glad to know what he was reading, and glad to find it not too objectionable. :-)

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