Monday, November 5, 2012

Not much happened in October

What can I say about October?  There certainly isn't much to record, though I am starting to feel as if I'm finally on the rebound somewhat.  Not a terribly wonderful time of year to rebound properly, but I'll take what I can get.  Maybe I'll start dreaming about 2013 goals - that should get me going!  I am getting antsy to talk about the few books I have read, and unpack my boxes of books & get myself in focus.  For now, here's the deal:

2 Books Read in October: (85 year-to-date)
1 for Book Club:
  - The Kitchen House, Kathleen Grissom (3.5)
1 Just Because:
  - Good Behaviour, Molly Keane (4)


1 DNF:
Definitely a case of bad timing, and possibly a style clash as well, but I completely failed to meet my obligation of reading Redemption Falls for the discussion I was supposed to have in October.  I simply couldn't do it.  I'm not the only one, apparently, to compare this work to James Joyce (with whose writing I'm not exactly enamoured).

What I said
What the Guardian said

1 Current Reads:
  - Last Night at the Lobster, Stewart O'Nan.  Because it is tiny and therefore approachable right now, and because Ti @ Book Chatter loves O'Nan (& she has great taste in books.)

On My Nightstand:
My current plan of attack?  Find all the miniscule books I own, put those on my nightstand.  Perhaps I'll be able to finish something if it is only 150 pages.  I do need to finish Annie Dunne, but it is a quiet, lyrical book that takes a wee bit of attention.  Other possibilities?  A Lost Lady by Willa Cather, and possibly some of those Indiespensable reads.


  1. Reading short books is a great thing to do when you have a bit of a reading lull! Hope you get your reading enthusiasm back soon :)

    1. Yes, short books have been quite the encouragement! I've been getting cravings for classics and nonfiction, so I'm going to take that as a sign that I'll be up & at 'em soon.

  2. You've had a ton of stuff going on IRL, too, no? Renovation and whatnot?

    Here's hoping you can settle into a month of rewarding reading for this month before the holidays crash down on us all!

    1. Finally started demo yesterday & hoping that means I'll be able to settle into some sort of routine for a while - it's going to be a long journey! Holidays are already starting to press in on me, which probably isn't helping.

      I know what will help...I'll make an end-of-year list. I love lists (even though I never accomplish everything on it.)

    2. You accomplish a lot on your lists! I'm always impressed. Now if I could only get busy on my lists....

  3. I went through a "reading hangover" back in August and while I was terribly bored at the time, it helped me to ease back into my reading routine with much more energy. Hang in there ;)

    Short stories are a great way to keep reading, feel that you achieve something and don't really feel tied to a book.

  4. Hi, beautiful edition of A Lost Lady. I love Willa Cather. Hope you enjoy reading it.


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