Sunday, April 29, 2012

The More I Read...

...the more I realize I'll never be able to read all the books I'd like to.

It's been one of those months:  in spite of the fact (or perhaps because of it?) that I've been extremely busy, I've been doing a lot of reading.  And somehow, it seems that that the faster I finish books the more discontent I become with my mortality.  All the more reason to slow down, you might say, but I'm finding it rather impossible.  Reading is my escape from all the things that need doing.  Give it up? Slow it down? Impossible.

I'm fairly certain that my current bibliovore status, (the number of books I'm flying through, opposed tho the amount of blogging I'm doing about it,) has much to do with the type of busy I am.  It isn't that I have a tremendous amount of engagements filling my time, although I do have more than usual.  It is more a matter of my brain being saturated by a large quantity of transitive items.

The biggest mind-melter is the impending house remodel we are undertaking.  We have a large mid-century modern split-level home that we've been planning (for a couple years now) to do a major facelift on.  We've been working with an architect on the design, and now that our plans are approaching approval by the city, it's crunch time.  The interior design decisions are heavily underway (thankfully we have a wonderful interior designer to work with); we are in the process of selecting a landscape architect (hoping option #2 is miles better than option #1); deciding where we will live during the remodel (though we aren't yet sure of the timetable); and soon we will be looking at contractor bids as well.  Daily life combined with the knowledge that we'll be needing to move out of the house shortly is crazy enough, wanting to make sure that the remodel results in perfection is icing on the cake.

And then there's school.  Deciding on the best schooling options for each of my kiddos has been an unending source of internal debate over the years.  Public school, private school, home school - all are possibilities for us.  I love having my kiddos home with me, having the opportunity to really connect with them, having the privilege of seeing them learn and understand...even though the idea of being responsible for their education and having them with me all the time scared me to death to begin with, it really has been an incredible experience.  However, it hasn't always been the best choice for each child each year.  And right now, as the school year winds to a close, is the time when I really weigh the pros and cons of the last year and decide what next year is going to look like.  I'll come to a decision eventually, but for now it's one of those things that sits in my brain until I use a book to shush it for a while.

There's more, as there always will be, but to return to the point at hand, it is all this busy-ness that makes me feel that I'm running out of time.  Not just to read, (or quilt or knit or write or blog,) but to breathe and think and enjoy the life I'm so blessed to have.  No matter how much I fit in, there is that much more still waiting for me.  There may always be an abundance of things that need doing, and I may (or may not) get to them all eventually, but when obligations press in I retreat to the basics: family and reading.  It's been a light month on the blogging end and I'm missing it, but I'll get back to it.  Craziness will ebb, perspective will return, and I'll have time to bother you all mercilessly about all my bookish thoughts.  You've been warned.


  1. It's a season. Enjoy each season. We'll enjoy all your brilliant thoughts about the season and the books that are part of it. Belle

  2. Thanks for listening to my ramblings Belle! Everything will change once school ceases, right??

  3. Me too! April is crazy. It is every year. We have speech competitions, sewing competitions, talent shows, piano competitions....UGH! I'm looking forward to getting back to posting. I just read 11/22/63! I'm so glad you reviewed it--it was great! To think I've always hated Stephen King. (He gave me plenty of nightmares in high school, so I swore him off forever.) :)

  4. Many homeschooling parents I've known feel fiercely that homeschooling is "right" so each child must do it. I think you're brave for acknowledging that homeschooling might not be right for each child each year. Schooling is a hard decision especially when there are options.

    I was homeschooled from 6-12 and can say it was the wrong choice for me. I was bright and suffered from not having teachers, mentors and peers to learn with. I do not use the word "suffer" lightly. I still managed do do well academically then as now, but can never stop wondering "what if" I'd had the resources of the public school. The more I learn about the way children's brains work the more I realize how important having both teachers and a room full of peers are.

    Homeschooling is a great option to have and many kids benefit from it. But it is not a panacea. In my opinion, it brings as many problems as it solves. As long as you put your kids' needs first, and are willing to consider just what those needs are, you'll be alright!

    Okay, stepping off the soap box now! I enjoyed your post. Good luck with the remodel!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment, Chelle. There are so many different aspects about schooling (& raising children in general) to consider...and we are each so different. There just aren't any absolute rights/wrongs imo. I think it's important that kids have different teachers to learn from, and my kiddos have def. learned a lot about organization and perseverance at school. I agree that there are upsides and downsides to both. My 13yo son loved how much he learned academically while homeschooling, but has loved all the opportunities for different experiences at school.

    I think we're getting close to having school figured out for the next go round, but the remodel is going to be quite an undertaking. I get tired just thinking about it!

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