Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Paddy's Day!

The grass is greener in Ireland.  Literally.  But figuratively too...Paddy's Day in Southern California will never compare to Paddy's Day in Dublin, even considering the chilly rain that had the decency to commiserate with me today.  I didn't awake to the sound of a rowing competition on the River Liffey, haven't run into any incredible live street music, and won't be joining a half-million people to watch the most incredible parade.  But I can still wear green, raise my glass of Smithwick's, and thank the Lord I come from an Irish family!

And, since I can't seem to blog without mentioning a book, let me mention one I recently read: Love and Summer by Irish author William Trevor.  It was a lovely, quiet book that effortlessly created the feel of a small Irish town.  

The description (from Indiebound):

"In spare, exquisite prose, master storyteller William Trevor presents a haunting love story about the choices of the heart, and the passions and frustrations of three lives during one long summer. Ellie is a shy orphan girl from the hill country, married to a man whose life has been blighted by an unspeakable tragedy. She lives a quiet life in the Irish village of Rathmoye, until she meets Florian Kilderry, a young photographer preparing to leave Ireland and his past forever. The chance intersection of these two lost souls sets in motion a poignant love affair that requires Ellie to make an impossible choice."

William Trevor is an author of some standing--29 published books as well as many other accolades.  I loved how he approached the issues of love and family, of right and wrong, and the ever-present gossip and judgement in a small town.  Life and love are never as simple as it seems they should be.

Enjoy your day, your weekend, whether you are wearing green & dreaming of Ireland or not. Sláinte!

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