Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Countdown is On

Ohmygoodness only 12 days left in the YEAR!  In some ways, this is oh-so-difficult to believe, and in other ways, incredible that it didn't happen a long time ago.  Seriously, this year has felt about 2 years long.

me & my hunny
December has been filled with so many preparations for parties and house furnishings (in addition to the usual decorating and gift-buying) that blogging and reading have been on the back burner.  This is the second year that we have hosted  a big Christmas party, complete with themed music and dress.  Last year, to celebrate moving into our mid-century modern house, we went with an early 60s theme (great fun) and this year, to honor the Mexican traditions of my husband's family, we had a Latin/Mexican theme.  SO much fun: great food, pinatas, Mariachi and Latin Jazz bands, mojitos and margaritas...yum&yay!

I'm coming to the realization, with less than a fortnight remaining until 2012 gets underway, that I'm not going to be completing many more books, so I suppose it's time to begin wrapping up my 2011 reads and looking forward to 2012.  I love looking at my year-end stats, but hopefully you all won't be too overwhelmed with my ruminations in the next week or so!

A big thing for me right now is the Indie Lit Awards.  The nominations close at the end of the year, and will be followed by some fun reading--some of the best books of 2011!  I can tell you, as the director of the Fiction category, that the short list (at least for the Fiction category) is still rather undecided, so if you had a favorite read published in 2011, nominate it! Get your friends and family to nominate it too...anything can happen!  You have more influence than you may think--whether your favorite title was big or small this year, your votes are needed.  The form is simple and quick too, so it won't even take much time. :)

And oh, by the way, if you are looking for a wonderful book to buy for a little person this year, I have to tell you about Press Here by Herve Tullet.  This is not your traditional kid's book, it's interactive, it's fun, it's surprising.  My 7 year-old was delighted with it.  Half-way through reading it she looked up with a smile on her face and said "I like this book!"  My 10 year-old read it next.  She smiled and said with a grin, "This is enjoyable!"  Even my 13 & 15 year-old boys liked it, smiling and following all the instructions, remarking on how funny it was.  I ended up buying 3 copies: 2 to give away, and one to keep. Fun stuff here!

Enjoy your final days of 2011, and happy holidays to all!  You'll be hearing from me again soon...get ready for those year-end lists! :)


  1. December is always such a busy time but your party sounds great! Mojitos are the best :)

  2. The party sounds delightful! Great fun but a lot of planning. Thanks for the reminder about the Indie Lit nominations. :)

  3. I'm still hoping to read many more books, but I'm off of work until after the new year and not traveling this year:-) I'm so looking forward to our Indie Lit reading. Happy holidays!

  4. Can I come? The party sounds great, and the picture is wonderful. I love your year end posts! I'm looking forward to them. Merry Christmas.


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