Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Poetry

Chelle, at The Prairie Library, is celebrating National Poetry Month by hosting a Book Poetry Contest and a Poetry Giveaway.  And, well, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to compose a poem from book titles.  I seem to enjoy writing poetry more than reading poetry...what's with that?  Maybe expressing my creativity is simply an entirely different process than appreciating creativity and I create in a different medium than I appreciate.

Enough with the philosophizing, here's my book poem.  The poem must be composed of entire book titles, and while I may have gone slightly too abstract and apocalyptic for my own good, I like it.

          after the quake,
            things fall apart.

          march a thousand acres
            for the children's sake--
              a voyage long and strange.

            the blood of flowers.
              small wonder.

          as I lay dying,
            everything is illuminated.


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