Sunday, November 21, 2010

Peace and Calm

I'm home for this holiday week, and it feels wonderful.  I'm a mountain girl at heart, and I so miss living here in Tahoe: the land of trees and snow and bright sparkling blue.  Even the 8-hour drive (that turned into a 10-hour drive filled with downpour and lightening, freezing temperatures, mini-avalanches and white-outs) that had us arriving at midnight couldn't squash my joy at arriving in this beautiful piece of Northern California serenity.  The view greeting me today was a mix of snow and blue, the mountains in the distance obscured by more snow and clouds.
I love snow.  I don't even mind driving in it and shoveling it.  It fills me with creative inspiration and a saturating peace.  This may be the first time I've really unwound and fully relaxed since September.  I've finished reading The Handmaid's Tale (which was wonderful) and I wrote a short story (which was fun) and am even inspired enough to put Our Mutual Friend on the front burner.  Being in the mountains, with snow on the trees and good books on hand, ahh--this is my idea of a good time.  Is this a peaceful holiday for you? Are you planning on getting any extra reading done this week?  


  1. Thanksgiving was last month in Canada. So this week it's writing, writing, writing and reading Pynchon's Crying Of Lot 49. Rest well ma'am!

  2. My break doesn't start until after classes tomorrow... but I am looking forward to a cozy holiday with lots of light reading and hot chocolate. High in my hometown is 16 degrees F! Glad you are having a peaceful break :)

  3. Sometimes I think it would be nice if our Thanksgiving were in October...the end of November seems to get absorbed into Christmas preparation. Have fun with your writing and reading!

    L.L. Mmmm, hot chocolate sounds good. One of the things I like about Tahoe is that it snows, but the temps stay pretty moderate (30s F). 16 is pretty chilly for November!

  4. Beautiful post... enjoy your week!


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