Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Musically Inclined

I'm feeling rather disconnected...being away from my computer and blog-o-sphere this week: I'm camping (RV style) at a fairgrounds in Northern California in preparation for a music festival that my husband produces. My role? I get to supply everyone with coffee: Barista for a Day (or three).

So I am blogging via phone, which feels almost like driving blindfolded. It's a bit more difficult to read my Google Reader, and takes forever to type a blog post. A huge paragraph on my phone takes up a mere line or two on a normal sized screen--my sense of scale and proportion is all out of whack.

Even though I'm not able to do much reading this week, I've not been completely without inspiration. In the last week or so I've had the enormous pleasure of seeing two amazing bands live: The Weepies and Mumford & Sons.

The Weepies are a husband/wife duo from California that write happy, fulfilling music with simple, satisfying music and great lyrics. They were so fun and friendly, and the venue was so beautiful and intimate that it was just a great night.

Mumford&Sons hail from London, and I don't even know how to classify their music. I would say folk-rock, but that makes them sound simpering and simple--which they are definitely not. I love their heart and spirit, their poetry and passion. Their song White Blank Page is just amazing. I wish I were on my computer so I could link it. These four guys are all incredible musicians. Yep, I'm in love (don't worry, my husband is too.) Unfortunately, I was too far away to get great pics of the upright bass, mandolin, banjo, accordion and horns. But the sound of 4000 people crowding in and singing along more than made up for it.

So that's it--music is filling in for reading this week. I do have a couple of book reviews ready to post; hopefully I will get another bit of time to post them and make it through my ever growing Google reader list.

Do you have some music that inspires you as much as books do? Let me know who it is--I love to find new favorites.


  1. I'm not nearly as big a music fan as I am a book fan, but I do love Ben Folds. I don't love everything he does, but I do love that he's always trying something new and creative. He's done everything from solo albums to symphony arrangements to college acappella. Most recently, he teamed up with Nick Hornby to produce an album where Hornby wrote the lyrics and Folds did the music. It's inspiring to see someone unafraid to experiment!

    I am really impressed that you got that whole post -- including pictures! -- written on your phone. Bravo!

  2. Ben Folds is great! Nick Hornby AND Ben Folds? What a concept! Should be fun. :)


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