Sunday, August 29, 2010

Themed Reading: Ireland

It is settled: we are going to Ireland.  The plane tickets are already purchased, (remarkably ahead of time for the spur-of-the-moment people my husband and I are,) and the next thing that needs doing is planning some themed reading.  I want to have lovely Irish bookish pictures floating through my head while celebrating St. Patrick's Day on the lovely island.  Do you have any must-read recommendations for me?  This is what is already on my shelf:
(Irish books upstage the school books I'm supposed to be organizing and scheduling.)
I need to pre-read Flame Over Tara for my son for school this year anyhow (I believe it to be a story of St. Patrick) so this trip is good motivation.

I can't believe I haven't read Angela's Ashes (maybe that should have made my Top Ten List) but the first paragraph has me hooked--that won't take me long.

Paddy's Lament is a nonfiction book about the Great Irish Famine.  I received this for my birthday and can't wait to get into it.

Dubliners was on my Top Ten Books I Can't Believe I Haven't Read Yet list; and it's nice and thin which is a bonus.

Anything else I need to add?


  1. Anything else you need to add? Maybe me, in your suitcase? ;) I wish I were planning a trip to Ireland!! You lucky duck!

  2. Sebastian Barry's Secret Scripture. It was one of my favourite reads of last year. My review is here: Don't read the blurb on the back of the book though, it's too spoilerish.

  3. Kathy--I know, I'm so excited--I've been wanting to see Ireland for just about forever!

    lucybirdbooks--thanks for the suggestion, it's going on my list!

  4. Not a book, but this is definitely worth checking out in Dublin!


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