Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hop, Hop, Hop

Good thing I like bunny rabbits--the hop doesn't get old.  Jennifer's weekly questions {@Crazy for Books] and all the great bloggy friends waiting to be found help out with that a bit too.  Ok, more than a bit.  I have such fun seeing what everyone is reading and what they think about it.

This week we get to cruise around book-blog-o-sphere and find out what the great new-to-you authors of 2010 are.  Great question!

Really great question.

Hmmm.  I'm going to have to peruse my list...just a sec...okay, so maybe that's not as simple of a question as I thought.  Or maybe I just need to be more decisive.  

Looking through my 2010 list, I have to say that my favorite discovery, if you will, is Jessica Day George.  She writes Junior Fiction, and her Dragon Slippers Trilogy was just about perfect.  That coming from a person who generally dislikes fantasy.  My 11 year-old son devoured the 3 books in 2 days.  I'm definitely interested in reading more from her.

I'm off to browse and see what all of you said...while you're here, leave me a comment--I want to make sure I make it to your blog too!  Meanwhile, happy reading!


  1. Thanks for the visit! I really want to get my hands on the Dragon Slippers books. They sound so good. It's nice to hear that your son liked them. Now I am thinking that they might be good for my daughter. I'll have to read them with that in mind.

  2. I am hopping in for the blog hop. I'm a follower, too!

    Jessica Day George is on my wishlist.

    If you have time, drop in and say hi at Manga Maniac Cafe

  3. Just hopping over from the bloggity hop!!! Hope you are having a good weekend!

    Feel free to come and visit me atAddicted To Romance

    Happy Reading!


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