Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I bought Les Miserables with full intentions of joining a read-along, only to place it on my nightstand and discover what 2+ weeks of being too busy to read has done to my perception of realistic reading goals.

This is ridiculous. (she says as she recalls another read-along book needing to be started that isn't even in these stacks.)  That stack on the left contains books I'm currently "reading" (a very theoretical phrase, seeing as how I haven't read a drop in the last two weeks.)  The other stacks are ARCs, loaners, book club books (due soon) as well as an Indiespensable book, some new arrivals from PaperbackSwap, and some classics I was craving.

Where do I start?  By putting some of these books away!  One book club is discussing Moloka'i in 7 days, the other book club is discussing Into the Blue a week later.  I certainly have work to do.  ;)


  1. One book at a time. It has served me well. (Or you can take your arm and sweep them all off your nightstand and start over).

    Love, Belle

  2. I'm going though exactly the same: somehow I can't stop buying books but I haven't read for some three weeks now. I want to read or more so, I want to want to read and buy books saying: this is it. With this book I'll go back to my normal reading routine. But no, it doesn't work.

    I think the best way to go back is to look for achievable goals, one book at a time. I'm still working on this though.

  3. I guess we are both in the same boat. I'm hoping to post sometime today about my craziness. What a strange start to the school year. I didn't finish ANY books in the month of August. Yikes!!!

  4. All areas of my life are like this at the moment, I think I have life-lag :P


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