Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I've Got Books!

Giddy, inaudibly humming I Got Rhythm, I pull out of the parking lot and glance down at the passenger seat where the source of my delight lies patiently.  New books.  The sound of that brief thought triggers a warmth through my muscles; my skin responding with a tingling chill.  Through determination (and devotion to my pocketbook) I've become so good at slinking out of the book shop without any new friends in tow, that the sight of the four sparkling beauties next to me seem at once a small reward and an overwhelming abundance.  I lightly touch the book covers, sharing the wonder with my other senses.  A small smile touches the corner of my mouth: the textures vary from rough to smooth in identical intervals: perfection.

Hm. Am I being dramatic? I can't help it--my apologies! I Have New Books!  I feel like I've just emerged from a drought into an Amazonian rainforest: I must sing from the treetops! :)  Look at my new goodies:

Somewhere, at some point, somebody mentioned that Heat Lightning was a delightful, (if out of print,) older book. Was it you? I wish I knew!

I have a soft spot for older fiction, especially when it's from the earlier part of the 20th century and has fallen, somewhat, into obscurity.  There's something about reading an older book--it carries more history than simply the age of the tale.

Anyhow, I found a copy via an Amazon Marketplace seller, and it arrived with a special surprise.  A postcard was tucked into the pages, the sender's name matching the name inscribed on the inside cover.  What a treat!

Even if I don't get around to reading this very soon, it will be a pleasure to have on my shelf.

My first Indiespensable package of 2012 arrived from Powell's this week.  Opening up all the goodies is so much fun.  This installment features Running the Rift, presented in a lovely coordinating slipcase.

Also from Powells: both of Brian Selznick's books (because they are beautiful, and exactly the kind of younger fiction that I want to offer a home on my shelf) as well as The Sense of an Ending (a treat from my wishlist) and The Frozen Thames (another blogger recommendation that I didn't make note of...was this one you?)  I've already read WonderStruck, but the rest are staying out on my end table in hopes that I'll get them read sooner rather than later.

Last but not least, the four books that inspired my silly little intro paragraph.  I went to Barnes and Noble to read the last page of an audiobook-gone-bad (more on that soon) and realized that I had a gift card left over from Christmas--free books!  The Great Gatsby is one I've read a couple of times but needed a copy for my shelf.  The other three I want to read now.  What can I say? It's been one of those months where the pleasure of reading feels new again.  

What do you think?  Aren't they wonderful?  Have you read any of these? Which should I give top priority?


  1. Night is one of my top all time reads. It is a necessary book to have. Devastating and bitter.

  2. oh, how lovely! And now you've made me feel anticipatory because I, too, joined Powell's Indiespensible program and Running the Rift is my first selection! I've already got it, actually, but that's okay because the new one will be so nifty. (I do wish that Powell's folks would let us know what their selections were ahead of time so that I don't duplicate them!)

  3. Wow nice haul! I've got Night waiting for me at home too, I'm looking forward to that one.

  4. Such a great haul!!! I am so so so so so tempted to join Indiespensable but I can't justify the cost. The goodies look SO GREAT though!

  5. You have me interested in the Powell's thing. I've thought of it before and then decided not to - but now am thinking about it again (thanks to you). Eek!

  6. Heidi, that's so good to know. I've only heard good things about it so I'm looking forward to experiencing it for the first time.

    As the Crowe, I wonder how far in advance Powell's knows for certain which book will be really would be nice to know before the publication date at least. Some shipments are more exciting than others, and it is a little steep, but it's a little gift to myself that I try not to feel guilty about.

    Brenna, are you planning on reading Night soon? I'm hoping to get to it before long. It's sounding like it deserves some priority status. :)

    Andi, I love my Indispensable shipments, but it's definitely a splurge. Feel free to live vicariously through my pictures. ;)

    Wallace, I know, tempting! Part of the great thing for me is that it gets me to read some of the major current fiction that I wouldn't otherwise make time for. And it's like a little bit of Christmas every 6 weeks or so. :)


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