Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Challenge Musings: Midpoint

The month is halfway through, but my pretty stack of novellas has yet to even out.  I suppose that means I'm behind...but I prefer to look at it from a positive angle: you see, next week 50% of my children (the high-maintenance-females) will be at summer camp, so perhaps I'll be able to catch up? (never mind the fact that the last week in August is going to be at least doubly busy!)

I'm really enjoying the challenge still, it has been the best way that I can think of to get such great exposure to so many classic authors.  Not all of the novellas have been favorites, but I wouldn't expect them to all be right up my alley--I'm pretty thrilled to have found a few new favorites.

In other news, I won a fabulous tote and two beautiful books from Melville House Publishing!  My 12 year-old has officially (and perhaps permanently) adopted the quote on the bag as his default response, so he's pretty excited about my prize too. :)  It came just in time for me to take it to book club last night--what fun!  (Thanks, Melville House--I'm a fan!)

ALSO, as I was in the midst of typing this post, I peeked out the front door and there was all kinds of bookishness outside as well!  A few of my orders from different places (Paperbackswap, Barnes and Noble, Powells) decided to carpool, and all showed up at the same time.

On the left are some books from Powell's for my daughter's 2nd grade studies (and one about natural dyes for my 10 year-old daughter's birthday that I'd better go hide before I forget!).  On the right are my Indiespensable goodies: Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante and some appetizing Moroccon spice rub.  From PaperbackSwap, the Six Wives of Henry VIII; from Barnes and Noble (I like to diversify my book purchases :) is MAUS which I don't know a whole lot about, but I'm looking forward to reading; and finally, also from Powell's, Yeats is Dead! (thanks, Em, for bringing that title to my attention!)

I have a lot of fun new books trying to distract me, but I'm still focused on my challenge.  I'm enjoying some Tolstoy right now, and looking forward to the other novellas.  Also trying to come up with an amazing way to display my lovely novellas once I'm done...any ideas?


  1. How environmentally conscious of your books to carpool. ;-)

  2. Yeats is Dead! Now that's quite a book title.

  3. I just love all your bookish treats today. How fun to get more than one package of books in one day! I'm glad you're still at the challenge. It must be so tempting to go after those new reads.

  4. I know, softdrink, very considerate of them, right?

    Heidi, I'm really looking forward to it too...written collectively by a group of Irish authors. Looks to be fun.

    Belle, I've become so much better in the last year or so at not reading only by my mood--good thing or I'd be having a really rough time right now! All these new books are making me want to get through my novellas in a timely fashion though. New books are so much fun!

  5. I am loving the novella challenge but I think I am only up to 11. I need to get cracking. I never intended to do all 42, but I think secretly I was hoping I would. I think it might be too late for that unless I really pick up the pace.

  6. Thomas, I was initially thinking of only spending August reading them and then moving on, but I've really been enjoying them so I might change it up. Instead of how many I can read in August, maybe how long it will take me to read them? It sure would be nice to have them all read.

  7. I think that challenge sounds incredible. i'm impressed with you for doing it! Love all the bookish pictures, they made me happy on this short break from packing moving boxes!

  8. I bet, Wallace! Packages of books on the doorstep speak of comfort and being settled. Moving is so much work. I hope you are getting close to being done!


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