Sunday, February 9, 2014

This Week

I've been reading in bits and pieces this week - I've been listening to The Dog Stars (which has been much easier to become interested in through audio somehow...probably due to a good narrator making a topic more interesting than it would have been otherwise) and barely started Middlesex for a read-along at Unputdownables.  I'm also making my way through Sense and Sensibility.  It has been seven years since I've read S&S, and I'm getting so much more out of it this time.  What a good book.  Although I must say that the edition I'm reading is not exactly reading-in-bed-friendly.
That's me trying the sideways pose...the lying-on-my-back pose made me
look like I had alien thumbs.  (Thanks to my 9yo for help taking the photo!)

In other news, I'm apparently I'm an eclectic reader.  I didn't realize that my reading selections were oddly mixed until I saw this on GoodReads:

And...I discovered that knitting blankets—even baby sized blankets—is way more tedious than knitting sweaters.  But I did finish it in time to ship it over to Qatar, where my new nephew will be arriving in April. (Yay!)  After finishing this I immediately began two different sweaters to make up for it.  I have 3 more babies to knit for within the next few months, though, so I need to amp myself back up for knitting large rectangles.

Last, I'm thinking that maybe I'll give the Classics Club Spin another shot.  It was great motivation the first time, but completely ineffectual the second time.  And then I was so blog-absent that I didn't even realize they had a third and fourth time.  Now they're on Spin #5.  I really want to get some of my novellas read, so I've listed all those here, in addition to a few others to make up 20 books.
  1. Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe
  2. The Sufferings of Young Werther, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
  3. Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston
  4. Death Comes to the Archbishop, Willa Cather
  5. The Enchanted Wanderer, Nikolai Leskov
  6. The Duel, Alexander Kuprin
  7. My Life, Anton Chekhov
  8. *Freya of the Seven Isles, Joseph Conrad
  9. *The Man Who Would Be King, Rudyard Kipling
  10. *The Distracted Preacher, Thomas Hardy
  11. *The Lemoine Affair, Marcel Proust
  12. *The Alienist, Machado De Assis
  13. Stempenyu: A Jewish Romance, Sholem Aleichem
  14. The Duel, Anton Chekhov
  15. *Fanfarlo, Charles Baudelaire
  16. *May Day, F.Scott Fitzgerald
  17. Parnassus on Wheels, Christopher Morley
  18. Jacob's Room, Virginia Woolf
  19. *The Nice Old Man and the Pretty Girl, Italo Svevo
  20. The Touchstone, Edith Wharton (edited to add: #20 it is!)
* These novellas are pretty tiny.  If one of these numbers is selected, I'll choose another to pair with it.  Two for the price of one!


  1. I'm getting very ready to start Sense and Sensibility. My reading friend at work is a looping Jane Austen reader - meaning she always has one Austen she is reading no matter what else she is reading. She has talked me in to reading it with her. My last go was when I was a senior in high school. Hopefully, it will be one of my new favorites.

  2. Here! here! For novellas. I should do another round of them. I thought Things Fall Apart was pretty good and I'd like to read more African literature. I still haven't joined the classics club....

    Your knitting is superb. I'm always in awe of people who create beautiful things. My dd sews.


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